Twin Moons Weekly Practice

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Twin Moons Weekly Practice

Greetings traveler!

Welcome to the Barony of Twin Moons Weekly meetup, We call it fighter practice but they are just there to draw everyone’s attention and let the rest of us socialize under the din of their swords clashing!

We meet weekly at Gene Autry Park at 7:00 pm  (None of us can show up anywhere on time so its really around 7:30 that most folks arrive) on Thursdays. We meet at the far left ramada behind the large playground. When you enter the park make an immediate right and head past the tennis and volleyball courts, Park at the end and head towards the far ramadas hidden behind the Playground!

You can come out and check out Hardsuit and Rapier combat or you can just come out and chat with the rest of us who might be there just to socialize. This is a regularly occurring social evening for the populace to practice sword fighting as well as chat about whatever we feel like!

Once per quarter there is a Court Night with our epic Quartermoon Tournaments, these will be garbed Practices however it is not required, this is a great time to show up to meet folks and see what the residents of Atenveldt wear to survive the heat while still looking medieval! Quartermoon Tournaments are setup to help folks learn how tournaments and competitions work within the SCA so their is very little expectation of skill(which end is the pointy end?). Quartermoon is designed to help you learn so you can become familiar with the way more formal tournaments function at the next event you raid or war you start!!

We also sneak in some Arts and Sciences into the event and have a Display setup for folks to show off the cool things they are working on or have finished! Come share your art and fighting prowess or just come hang out and enjoy the night with us!

Upcoming Dates for Quartermoon fighter practices are
February 23rd 2023,
April 20th 2023,
June 22th 2023,
October 19th 2023

Upcoming dates for Archery Quartermoon(sunday before the above dates)
February 19rd 2023,
April 16th 2023,
June 18th 2023,
October 15th 2023

Archery for some legal reason can not happen at City parks so we do have to relocate our archery practice to Paseo Vista Archery Range 3850 S McQueen Rd, Chandler, AZ 85286 which is still a public park but they marked out lines in the ground to tell us which way to point the arrows when we let them loose. Times will vary based on the season(heat) so check out the Archery event for times!

Come see us soon and begin your crazy medieval reenactment journey with us! there is no cost to attent practice, there is no expectation that you have any idea what the SCA is. This is the place for us to meet and show you about our awesome little corner of the world where we recreae the best parts of the middle ages and more!

Thanks for checking us out!

The Barony of Twin Moons

Updated March 2023